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note 9/21/13: i changed a bunch of viewing permissions on flickr and managed to totally screw up a lot of the photos on this blog in the process. sorry! i’m working on it, but it’s not really priority #1 right now (nor is this blog, as you may have noticed).

hi! i started this blog in 2008 as a “travel blog” of sorts. the subtitle comes from mr. kurt vonnegut, jr., who said in his wonderful book cat’s cradle, via his character bokonon, that “peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god.” this was blog number at-least-six for me, and by now it has lasted longer than most of the others, though it has gone through periods of relative neglect (and straight-up just-plain-neglect, too). a lot of things qualify as travel. life is a journey, blah blah blah. but i have used this space to document a number of actual, physical trips as well (see below!).

this blog’s title, “slow glowing,” comes from the title of the blog before this one, “slow going,” which in turn came in part from my then-newfound experience bike commuting — moving around town at a slower pace than i was used to, and noticing so many beautiful things. while i was keeping up that blog i went to europe — your standard post-college “have passport and eurail pass, will visit art museums and drink with australians” trip. my first long-ish solo adventure. i was in germany in december, feeling lonely, when i passed a building with big wooden doors in an archway and one small star-shaped yellow lantern glowing at the top of the arch. that warm glow made the light inside of me glow, too. slow going, slow growing, slow glowing. i’m trying to grow my glow. get better and better at being a human being. stay kind.

there’s also this song (”first when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream…”), so that’s cool.

anyway, my name is stacia. i am in my late 20’s and i live in portland, oregon. i have two cats whom i love very much. i am a photographer, and i have historically been a theatre-y person and a person-who-works-with-kids. right now i work in the bike industry in addition to running my wedding, event, and portrait photography business, stacia fuchsia photography. i like to run and hike and be outside. i like trees. you can find more about me (sort of) at staciafuchsia.com.

some specific things i’ve written about here:
* europe (especially spain), fall 2007
* puna, hawaii, fall 2008
* vipassana meditation course, april 2009
* cornerstone theater institute summer residency, summer 2009 in eureka, ca
* i read infinite jest, feb-march 2010
* big bicycle adventure across america, summer-fall 2010
* the regenerative design institute, spring-summer 2011 in bolinas, ca
* holy daze, an unfinished project about christianity, 2012
* here are some entries specifically about running

you can see some of my mandala art here (mostly older — i gotta take photos of more recent stuff!).

Greetings from Chicago,
I stumbled across your blog while researching Hedonisia…I was looking for exactly what you have here! I’ve read most of your entries, from while you were there. I know now that I will definatly be traveling there as soon as possible.

I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions for me about your journey?
Primarily, how much you spent to get there?
How much money should I bring to spend while there?
I am thinking about staying a little longer than you did…maybe two months maybe three months,if possible, im not sure yet. Im a 23 year old Honda Salesman who has lost his way, i think this is a place for me to get to know my self again.
Is there alot of interaction with Mojo and the other staff when you are not working on your projects? How difficult is it to get to town?

Let me know, if you have a chance!
Thanks so much,
Kenny W.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

@kenny– i hope you go to hawaii and find yourself or find a piece of what you are looking for. i am writing from a screened cabin near pahoa listening to nature.

@stacia– thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world. i feel connected to you in so many ways now even though we are perfect strangers. i’m finishing up my odyssey years soon hopefully, but you took the words out of my mouth when you said that your thoughts are conflicting with your lifestyle. i hope we both find a purpose soon.

ps- i have heard from many people whom i respect that the secret is devoting your life to someone less fortunate than yourself. perhaps i will finally try that next.

happy birthday! (as I was typing that, my bunny just did a little dance to celebrate for you)
I wanted to let you know that just a minute ago, my boyfriend and I were internetting, I in my reading chair, he on the floor about ten feet away… out of the blue, he started talking about how cool your pictures were. I guess he had clicked through to slow glowing from your tumblr. anyway, the weird/amazing part, I WAS ON YOUR BLOG AT THE SAME TIME, READING YOUR RECENT POSTS. what!!!
so we were just talking about all the goodness that is in your life right now. sending so much love your way! happy travels :)
hugs from san diego



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