15 Jun 2014, 12:43pm
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wildwood trail one-day solo thru-hike


some notes

* took me 13 hours. i started at 6am and finished at 7pm.

* my mom as you can see very kindly met me a mile before the end.

* it was really, really hard. i am pretty sure deciding to do this was like someone goin’, “well, i’m a pretty good kayaker, and i just ran this awesome 10k, so i bet i can run a marathon next weekend.” i went on a couple 7-ish mile hikes that were awesome and fun, so clearly i’d rock 30. hubris!!

* i carried way too much food (i ate maybe half of what i brought) and about the right amount of water (approx 4 liters) for how long it took me. if i were faster, i wouldn’t need to carry as much. there were lots of little stream crossings, though — next time i’d maybe just bring a water filter and take a few little breaks to pump some water. i’m imagining doing this hike again with just my running pack and a fanny pack or something instead of my backpacking pack (i don’t own a comfortable in-between daypack, really) and that sounds awesome. but, well, pct training? (when i was riding my bike across the country i used to say that when i had to push my bike up a really steep hill — “pct training!” someday i’ll have to actually hike the pct so i can put all this “training” to good use!)

* yesterday was the day of the 50k trail race i registered for pre-injury. instead of running it, i hiked just short of 50k. alternatively: a mile for every year since my birth + one to grow on (my birthday is in a few weeks). actually i got to thinking it’d be an interesting way to train for an ultra — instead of starting with speed and increasing miles, just hike/run wildwood trail every weekend until i can do it fast? hah! i don’t think i’ll actually do that. did i mention it was really, really hard? in that sense, it was great ultra training, i think. it got harder and harder, and i hurt a lot, and i kept going anyway.

* re: hurting, i’m just sore. nothing acute. phew. i have one wee blister on my right pinky toe.

* i feel bad about the hubris that led me to think this hike’d be a piece of cake (or at least, more doable than it turned out to be), but i feel good that i kept going even after it got really, really hard. i went for a little 20-minute trail run on thursday evening, and it felt great at the time, but my foot hurt later — even after just 20 minutes of continuous running. running in shorter bursts during hikes hasn’t caused pain. so, if i (STILL!!!) can’t do the running i’d like to be doing, bring on the tough hikes (in a more reasonable progression than 7.5 miles straight to 30 miles, perhaps). and the long bike rides — more on that later.