7 Apr 2014, 12:10pm
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some blogs i love

Three Rule Ride
i stumbled across mike’s blog-before-this-one at least a few years ago, i think by googling for blog entries about vipassana courses after i attended one in 2009. at the time he was living in korea, teaching english, and thinking about a lot of things i was thinking about at the time (meditation, environmentalism, veg*nism, how to live an authentic and integral life, etc). eventually he set off on his amazing long-term bike tour all over asia, his three rule ride — his three rules being “no gas, no meat, and no trash.” his blog is thoughtful, exciting, and full of awesome photos (including regular food posts full of amazing-looking vegetarian eats).

Bike Snob NYC
ahh, bike snob! humorously skewering the bike industry and bike culture since whenever-he-started-writing. the snob is rightfully popular thanks to his awesome personal blend of snark, righteousness, surrealism, self reference, and hilarity.

i have been reading this site for a few months now. it features a weekly theme — this week’s is “desperately seeking something”; some other previous themes include “so funny it hurts,” about the dark side of comedy, “muslim in america,” “unsolved mysteries,” and more. each week they publish several personal or investigative essays related to the theme. the essays are fascinating and well-written, and almost always show me, teach me, or explain to me something i wouldn’t have gotten to see or understand otherwise.

Carrot Quinn
carrot is a talented and dedicated writer, real and readable. her archives include riveting adventure tales of traveling by freight train and quiet essays about living in the woods, and more recently she thru-hiked the pacific crest trail last summer and will be doing it again this year. i’m psyched to follow along.

Grimy God
for lent, my friend ben and his friend chase are “looking for god in the grossest places,” taking turns challenging each other to find metaphors for god in the unseemliest, weirdest, and most revolting parts of life. recently they’ve invited other ministers and religious figures to participate. i love this project. check out this early prayer from ben, addressed to god the blobfish.

Flourish’s bible study
in a related vein, my friend flourish has been reading the bible, one chapter at a time, and sharing her thoughts and feelings as she goes. well worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing (i am).

Never Stop Reading
my friend julie is a voracious and enthusiastic reader, and on her blog she shares her thoughts about her reading. more than just dispassionate reviews, her entries reflect the way her life affects her reading and her reading her life. they’re a window into who she is, and they are a privilege to read.

Fit and Feminist
one of my most recent discoveries. an awesome, well-written, thoughtful, and, yep, feminist blog by a kick-ass triathlete and ultrarunner. i dig it.



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