9 Mar 2013, 8:21pm
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super sore vs. Super Soar

Hey bloggity blog: I am super sore. Previously, perhaps, I have been Super Soar, my superhero alter-ego as captured in this photo from earlier this week:

But that was before today’s 18-mile training run.

Got through it, albeit slowly. I can’t figure out how I ran that half marathon at a just-over-eleven-minutes-per-mile pace. It took me just short of four hours to run 18 miles. And by “just short,” I mean I had about twenty seconds to spare. I’ve been hoping to finish my marathon (four weeks from tomorrow!) in under five hours, which seemed possible in light of my half marathon time and now seems somewhat discouragingly out of reach. Or maybe race energy is just that powerful? (Powerful enough to transform me once again into… Super Soar!?)

So, here. My goals for April 7th:
1. Finish in under five hours.
2. If I can’t do that, finish strong.
3. Or at least finish happy.
4. Barring that, finish.

And then, keep going. A year ago the idea of running 18 miles was unthinkable — I mean, it did not cross my mind at all as a thing to do. If it had, it would have seemed impossible. But today I did it. So, hey. I will get faster. I will get stronger. I am already faster and stronger.

(The turnaround of one of today’s run’s out-and-backs.)