17 Aug 2012, 8:26am
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honeymoon summer

summer is just about over — not sure if it ever arrived here in san francisco (you know what they say about summer in san francisco!), but we’ve hardly been here since mid-june, after all! i’m photographing a wedding tomorrow (my fifth — got one more scheduled in september — all word of mouth — can’t wait to see what happens when i start advertising! just a few more ducks to herd into neat rows) and the school year starts for sf public schools on monday. i have a job with the same organization i worked for last year, except at a school only a mile and a half from my house — don’t know the details yet about what i’ll be teaching. some other possibilities still floating around, too.

anyway, we got married on june 30th. it was awesome; my mom’s gardens were beautiful and my dad gave a sweet toast and my brother made an amazing cake and an amazing bouquet for me and A. looked handsome and i was lovely and ben performed our beautiful ceremony and our friends were so helpful and our other friends played rockin’ music and even the fact that it rained was pretty perfect. i am still sorting through photos but i’ll link them here when i’m through. i took some photos myself towards the end of the reception; they’re here.

after that we ran off to breitenbush hot springs for a few days of relaxation and soaking and hiking and hippie stuff, and then came back to portland for our friends A. & E.’s wedding, which i photographed (part one, part two) and in which A. was a groomsman. we stuck around a couple more days to celebrate my birthday with portland friends, and then took off again for a ten-day roadtrip through the cascades and sierras back down to san francisco.

we were in town just long enough for me to photograph a wedding at my church and throw together those preview posts before we left for mexico for two more honeymoon weeks. we just got back from that on wednesday night and hit the ground running. i didn’t take my fancy cameras on any of these honeymoons, and to be honest mostly snapped photos with my iphone, which is so much fun in a completely different way than shooting all-manual with a five-pound brick is fun. i will share some of those photos, and more details about our trips, soon.



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