20 May 2012, 1:13pm
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what i’ve been up to

not writing here, it would seem. i think most of my blogging energy’s gone towards a new project (about which you can read below) and my photography business, where i also post plenty of personal photos and so on… i hear that in this business it’s one’s individuality that makes one stand out (and i believe that that’s probably ultimately the way to get the clients i want), so i’m doin’ my best to be open there, but it’s not quite like this space and i can’t quite make the jump to making it that way. not all my photos are perfect and i can post the less-than-perfect ones here and be less-than-perfect here in general and that’s okay. lately i’ve been feeling too busy to even do too much posting there — plus i am taking a lot of photos with my new iphone(!), which is not exactly the content i want there but which i am excited to post here! and so — without further ado — what i’ve been up to in 2012 –

* A and i moved to san francisco. it was unexpected and serendipitous — my aunt, who lives in a beautiful old house in the mission, had a room open around the same time we were realizing our situation in berkeley was financially unsustainable. yup, we moved to the city to save money! it’s been pretty awesome — A has wanted to live in san francisco proper since he was a teenager, and i’ve been loving all the street art i see on my morning runs. for example (iphone photos!) –

and lots more. i find something new every day.

* i’m still working at an after-school program at a public elementary school in oakland. it remains the most challenging job i’ve ever had. four weeks of school left! i’m not sure what i’m going to “do” next; i have a few weddings lined up this summer and fall, but i’m not sure i’m going to get too many more without investing in advertising. i’m planning to find another part-time job in the fall, but i’m not sure whether i’d like to try to work with kids again or find something that takes a bit less emotional energy! working with young kids for a year has made me really thoughtful about education, discipline, learning processes and so on, and to be honest i really wish i had kept a better journal throughout the year. i’ve struggled with a lot of things, but the kids are wonderful.

(collaborative chalk artwork!)

(puddles: just as interesting to kids as expensive playground equipment.)

* i photographed my first paid wedding. it was scary and exhilarating and fun. you can see some of the photos i took here and here.

* i joined a church: the first unitarian church of oakland. i signed the membership book in march. i like it a lot. i have been thinking so much about religion and spirituality lately — really for the past few years, but it’s felt more pressing recently. last month i started a related big longterm project that i’m still trying to define and organize and articulate. you can find it here.

* i’m in a play! my friend adam is directing his ambitious adaptation of moby dick, his favorite book, in his backyard as part of the international home theater festival. i play tashtego, a harpooner; and captain bildad, one of the owners of the pequod. i’ve been pretty busy this past month with rehearsals and so on, but i’m so glad i said yes! it’s been a lot of fun and it always feels good to do some theatre. i haven’t regretted moving on from wanting to make it my career, but i do hope to keep it a part of my life in some capacity.

anyway, last night was opening night (and, uhh, our first run-through without stopping. hah!) and tonight is closing night! some rehearsal snapshots –

* it’s spring, which means flowers! though who am i kidding? i live in california and there are always flowers. but here’s some iphone photos of flowers anyway –

* i bought an iphone — my first smartphone — and have found it to be the biggest technological leap i’ve made since i got my first laptop computer (at 14). it’s slowly replacing a lot of stuff i’ve always carried around: phone, camera, notebook, planner, ipod… plus i’ve been listening to a whole bunch of podcasts (my favorite lately is american public media’s “on being”), and i downloaded an app called “runmeter” that includes the couch-to-5k program and will tell me exactly when i should run and when i should walk to get the intervals right (i’m on week 3 and going strong). and of course i’ve downloaded at least a dozen camera apps; my favorite is VSCOCAM, and i also like Osmo 120 for adding fun light leaks. my instragram feed is at statigr.am/staciafuchsia. here’s some more phone photos –

(the brass liberation orchestra, which A joined a few months ago.)

* we are getting married in less than six weeks. here’s a cute cheesy photo by lynette boyle –

whoa, that photo of the kid in the basketball court in particular is frame-worthy amazing. thanks for the big beautiful update!



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