17 Nov 2011, 12:08pm
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there are tetherball poles at the school where i work, of course. two of them. however, they are not in great shape. one of the balls slowly deflated and then disappeared, leaving the rope just hangin’ out and blowing around a bit in the breeze until the ball was replaced by a sandal that someone tied on. of course no one wanted to play tetherball with a shoe, so they all lined up at the remaining tetherball pole. the rope on that one wore through just above the ball, and i tied the ball back on a few times before it, too, disappeared one day. so now the kids play tether-shoe. every once in awhile the chain attached at the top of the pole will get twisted and it’ll pull the shoe-ball up out of reach. when that happens, the kids’ll call me over and i’ll tug at it for a couple of moments until it slips free. yesterday this happened, and i jiggled it a few times to no avail. so i tried to toss the shoe over the top, and it swung back around the pole and hit me smack in the nose. and that’s the story of how i kicked myself in the face.

later a bunch of the first and second graders break-danced to lady gaga, so it all evens out, right?

i have been sorely neglecting this blog. i feel guilty when i think about it, which makes me wonder why—who am i writing for, here? do i feel guilty for alienating a readership i like to imagine might someday consist of a large number of worldly, interested, and compassionate folks, but in reality consists mostly of friends and family—who, coincidentally, are all not only worldly, interested, and compassionate, but who will not particularly care one way or the other if i blog irregularly or not at all? do i feel guilty because the less i write the worse i write? do i feel guilty because i am leaving holes—big, important holes—in this already incomplete and eternally inadequate record of my life?

should i skip the excuses and navel-gazing and dive right into the, uh, navel-gazing?

well. there is the occupy movement. that is a whole ‘nother entry in itself, which i will try to write next week when i’m in portland for thanksgiving. it will be poorly illustrated, at least if i try to illustrate it with my own photographs—i think i have just about decided to invest in a low-light lens, but in the meantime, most of the occupy stuff i’ve been involved with has taken place after dark, sometimes in environments i haven’t wanted to have a nice expensive camera at, and as a result my photos of it are pretty terrible. i have been neglecting my photography in general these days. A has been neglecting his music. that is my third use of the word “neglecting” in this post so far, which probably says something about my internal struggles with what i ought to be doing to make my life more awesome.

i am, as mentioned, going to portland next week. actually i am planning on driving up on saturday morning (and saturday midday, and saturday afternoon, and saturday evening, etc—it is a long drive), though this morning i had to learn how to jump-start a car and i am SURE i didn’t leave any lights on or anything like that, because that would be stupid and i’m not stupid. my point is, i hope the car is up for a 12-hour drive. but if all else fails, we have jumper cables now.

i am going to see my friends, eat thanksgiving dinner with my family, and pack the car full of as much of my STUFF as i possibly can. remember that stuff i packed up and put in storage in june 2010? that stuff. my books and my bedding and my sentimental knick-knacks and mostly my books. i have been in california since january but i haven’t moved to california yet. i am hoping that i can cure some of my homesickness by bringing home down to california with me in the form of a bunch of bookshelves and a quilt my mom made for me when i started college. i am also hoping it’ll get colder here, and start raining, so that every conversation i have can start with a comment or complaint about the weather, like it’s supposed to. yesterday it was so warm when i got to work that i had to take off my light cotton sweater. it feels disorienting, like summer is stretching on and on.

i gotta head to school (work) pretty soon. yesterday the art & garden club i lead finally planted some seeds, in pink 4-inch pots that a really nice guy at the east bay nursery gave me. today we’re gonna start garden journals.

no more radio silence here. i’ll write more soon.