7 Oct 2011, 3:03pm
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what a year

it is october 7th, and one year ago today, 100 days after pedaling out of portland, oregon, i woke up in my tent behind a general store somewhere in eastern virginia. i packed up my panniers and rode to the chesapeake bay. my body knew exactly what to do and it did it joyfully. pretty sure i sang aloud a lot that day.

i swapped my bike for a backpack and took trains and buses to visit friends and family in philadelphia, new york, boston, maine, and chicago. over a month later, i got on a train in chicago, and two days later i was back on the west coast, in berkeley. it had been three months since i’d seen A off at the bus station in boulder, colorado, and we’d been on uncertain terms. but just after dark, he walked down some stairs and took my hand and we walked home together.

i spent a few months living with my parents in portland, earning some money and getting totally soaked through on my bike commute once or twice (for old time’s sake?). in january, i took a train to california and moved in with A. i have been here for almost nine months now. a week and a half after i arrived, i proposed to him on ocean beach.

in march, i moved to commonweal garden, outside of bolinas. i lived there for six months in a tight-knit intentional community, learning to care for goats and chickens and baby plants, eating fresh organic veggies with every meal, dancing alone on the beach, and living in community with foxes and birds and, yes, mice and rats. A and i got used to driving through the redwoods and across the richmond-san rafael bridge. i applied for dozens of education jobs.

in august, i packed up my tent again and, in one busy week, left the farm, photographed my first wedding, and started work as an elementary after-school teacher. teaching is the hardest job i have ever had, and the steepest learning curve i have ever climbed. but the kids are good kids. this past week, i started an art & garden club at school.

yesterday i launched a website for my fledgling photography business, stacia fuchsia photography. i also made a page on facebook, which you are more than welcome to “like.”

tomorrow i am taking the gre. i should be studying square roots, mathematical permutations, and algebra right about now.

the seasons are changing. it rained this week and the air smelled like portland. the funniest things make me homesick for portland sometimes. a month or so ago, i was in line at berkeley bowl (the grocery store) and one of the magazines on the magazine rack had a photo of sunnyside piazza on the cover. A and i will probably get married in portland, though we still don’t have a date or venue nailed down; seems like every time we think we’re getting close, something goes wrong. i am beginning to understand why people elope. (don’t worry, mom; even if we end up getting hitched at city hall, you’ll be there.) (we probably won’t.)

what a year, huh?

here’s some photos from a trip to big sur with A’s parents when they were in town a month ago (yup, i gotta post more often!)—