6 Sep 2011, 11:28am
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two weeks ago was our “transition celebration” on the farm. i made flower crowns for everyone and we held a little private ceremony in the yurt before folks starting showing up for the feasting/drinkin’/music-makin’ part of the festivities. we ate all kinds of food laid out in the warm and cozy greenhouse, and the music around the fire circle went on until late at night, of course. of course everything was fresh, abundant, there for the taking. stories there for the telling.

i am grateful for the fresh, nutritious, abundant food that we grew, shared, and ate.

i am grateful for everything i learned about growing, sharing, cooking, and eating that food.

i am grateful for the times i sunk my hands, knees, and toes into the wet soil.

i am grateful that i could call that lush place by the ocean my home.

i am grateful for the people with whom i shared that home.

i am grateful for sacred questions, and for the gratitude, yeah yeah.

i am grateful for the birds, the foxes, the deer, the mice, the skunks, the snakes, the lizards, and even the alleged mountain lion with whom we shared the land. (the gophers, maybe not so much.)

i am grateful for the music! and lots, lots more.



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