13 Aug 2011, 7:47pm
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can anyone identify this flower for me? [edit: it's scabiosa. thanks, mom!]

the bees like it.

i like it.


in the bunkhouse—the walls are plastered, the windows are trimmed (photos to come—i helped!), and soupy is just about finished with the ceiling.


hell yeah.


hell yeah! the chocolate ones were vegan. these were made (along with other tasty things) for flo and jason’s birthday celebration last week.


august is halfway gone and really i am halfway outta here. i am applying for jobs and i have a shelf full of clothes in berkeley and a container garden on the balcony. i took these photos in my little container garden this week—

kale volunteers sharing a pot with a pepper plant. a bonus of making and recycling our own potting soil!

cayenne pepper!




p.s. i keep stumbling across bicycle touring blogs while (i swear) looking for other things. oooh, i am travel-bug-bitten. i guess i am one-third here, one-third in berkeley, and one-third ON THE ROAD. transitioning. yup.

I’m pretty sure that flower is Scabiosa. Love you. Mom



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