10 Jul 2011, 10:07pm
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i turned 26 yesterday (turn, turn, turn).

on thursday A drove out in time to walk with me to the ocean before dinner. my farm homies here stuck a candle and a hazelnut dark chocolate bar in a pint of coconut sorbet and sang for me—delicious all around! they wrote me the sweetest card, too. i may have teared up a little bit. in berkeley for the weekend, i helped celebrate elana’s birthday on thursday night (it was a good week to be born), went out for all kinds of tasty vegan food, hung out with friends i hadn’t seen in much much too long, and walked all over town. on saturday i made myself a crown out of lavender plucked sparingly from the city’s lushest front yard gardens and eventually made one for A out of rosemary. later, drinking beers at jupiter, i looked around and felt so lucky to have so many friends in a town i don’t even really live in yet. jordan baked me an amazing vegan chocolate cake and the servers at jupiter brought it out with plates and a candle and everyone sang. by the time we went home there were more flowers in my crown, cake in my belly, and lots of jewels in my heart.

for 26, i offer to myself

patience, and compassion.



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