7 May 2011, 8:59pm
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lake county is a whole ‘nother world next to marin. in marin i (am starting to) know the plants and in lake county even the poison oak looks a little different. but two months of farm living has shifted something in me and i am aware and observing where before i would not have been—well, this is the story i told myself, until i nearly stepped on a terrified bush bunny. my cousin dash knows the names of all the plants and animals in the landscape, plus the neighbors whose distant acres we can see from the tops of hills.

we climbed one hill to see the sunset; theresa’s cat oliver followed us and rolled on her back in the last light. we climbed another hill in the morning to see if we could, scrabbling up the rocks. later we walked along the ridge to the spring the water is piped from; all three dogs came with us and boy were they pleased to get to the water, slurp it up, roll their tongues back up into their snouts. it was hot! early may and already in the 90s.

on friday morning theresa, dash, chrisso, oliver the cat, zip and soleil the dogs, A, and i hiked to the “goddess cave”—a small opening in the hillside that we shimmied through feet first, into a dark cave full of warm water. our eyes adjusted slowly and our whispers echoed until we crawled out into the sun again, where oliver waited on the rock we’d draped our clothes over.

i am feelin’ pretty thankful for family. it’s a little inside-out, but it seems to me that in this modern day & age (etc) it’s so very possible to surround yourself with people who inhabit pretty much the same comfort zone as you. my family and my family’s family take me out of that and show me cool things and ask me hard questions and have all kinds of stories to tell. i love these people and i love that they are a part of my life and i love that i am welcome on this particular patch of land in a valley down a long, long dirt road.

(some family: dash, A, me, theresa, chrisso. plus soleil the dog.)

2 May 2011, 9:53pm
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holding space

i have been intending to write so much for so long that i haven’t written or posted anything at all. so instead of (or until) all my beautiful intentions, here are some photos. maybe some of them are beautiful, too.

(the longest of these asparagus spears was at least 18 inches.)