5 Apr 2011, 8:37pm
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today in photos (and captions)

will i ever tire of taking photos of roses? signs point to no.

soupy deconstructing the west wall of the greenhouse.

sun-hatted farmers admire a newly-prepped bed.

flo shows off freshly-harvested cauliflower.

kale seedlings planted a few days ago from seeds collected here.

new bed full of baby leeks!

(guess what?) chicken butt.

the chickens love picking through the straw we use as mulch.

this is a weed—possibly scarlet pimpernel? i love its tiny pink flowers.

an old cabbage plant that will probably be pulled out tomorrow when we prep the bed it’s in for new plants.

my muddy toes, with wild radish flowers caught in my sandals.

raw pumpkin pudding!

living in community: it is pretty awesome.



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