31 Mar 2011, 10:27pm
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sun & ocean

one week later:


met this guy while spreading straw mulch in the orchard last week:

every night i walk from the bunkhouse, past the greenhouse, to my little yellow tent. sometime last week, the light in the greenhouse had been left on, and when i walked past i saw a fox sitting on the table inside. while i watched it stood up, turned around, sat back down, looked at me, turned around again, looked at me again.

the jasmine vine that’s growing up the wall right next to our shower is blooming right now. it smells amazing.

on monday and tuesday we planted 1500 bare-root strawberry plants.

the weather this week has been beautiful. yesterday morning i drove to berkeley via mill valley—took highway 1 along the coast, and the sun, and the water, and you know. liz (A’s mom) is visiting right now, and today we all drove back here and i showed her around west marin and the farm. i feel pretty lucky to be living here for awhile.

(seaweed wrapped around a staircase on the bolinas beach)

1 Apr 2011, 6:43am
by dorkas

love the picture with the “strawberries” sign. SO wish i were in my homeland right now…



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