25 Feb 2011, 6:49pm
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what’s up?

ok. ok. the longer i wait to write the more stuff i’m gonna have to write about—or the more gaps in the overarching narrative, which i suppose is not such a crime. things have happened. i have taken in some culture, including a few plays (the agony and the ecstasy of steve jobs; the grapes of wrath) and some concerts (jazz at yoshi’s in oakland; grace potter and the nocturnals at the fillmore, which rocked; “vaudevillian indie folk” at the starry plough). a few weeks ago A and i went to a performance at (of?) the audium in sf, which is a “theatre of sound” in which the audience sits in concentric circles in complete darkness while the composer/creator of the whole thing plays his composition through dozens(?) of speakers arranged all around. it was pretty cool. i have sampled the wares at three different gourmet ice cream shops… salted caramel ice cream anyone? how about macadamia vanilla sorbet? blood orange? honey lavender? uh, yum.

judith and i climbed hills to get to the seward street slides, which are huge, long, steep concrete slides tucked into a lush residential neighborhood in sf. it’s good fun, unless you’re sliding at the same time as a totally badass kid and his dad (who’s got a cast on his arm, coincidentally) who are forgoing cardboard boxes in favor of wax paper and the slides are as a result quite lubricated, resulting in you and your cardboard toboggan getting serious air and flying off the end of the slide… in which case it is AWESOME. there were some bruises and a lot of laughter. RECOMMENDED.

A and i went to the exploratorium and poked things and spun things and made ridiculous headwear out of cardboard. also RECOMMENDED.

i went out to dinner in the mission with my aunt theresa and my cousin dash. then we walked down valencia and passed a little table on the sidewalk where a guy was selling little bowls of soup and little baggies of homemade chocolate truffles. “what’s this?” asked dash. sayeth a hipster while paying for his soup: “it’s a pop-up, duh.” the truffles were seriously tasty.

A and i practiced singing and playing the be good tanyas’ “the littlest birds” together and then we made a silly video:

my hair is almost long enough to fall into my eyes. and curly.

on tuesday i am moving to marin county—following the tracks i laid out way back in october. i am thankful to me-in-october for setting that in motion, because… well. i am having a hard time articulating the way i feel about my life right now. it is kind of unstructured. to say the least. it is starting to affect my self-esteem. but on tuesday i am starting something new, and i am excited about it, and i will leave it at that.

i think i am coming to terms with life being sort of like the ocean, with waves across the top that flow and change, bringing with them passions, interests, drama, people, etc, never “all figured out” and static… and deeper, calmer waters below. i will never have it all figured out, but i have some anchors i can hold on to.

here’s some photos from the past few weeks.

(photo by judith)

(photo by a.)



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