3 Feb 2011, 10:07pm
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land’s end

i usually post my photos totally unedited, mostly because opening photoshop (much less actually doing much with it) makes my computer chug along as slowly and unsteadily as a snail on a bender. (it’s five years old, which is, what, about a bazillion in computer years?) but i would like to learn more about post-processing, so today i managed this—



hip, no? i may have overdone it with the vignetting, a little bit (and there may be better techniques than the one i used). but i think A looks pretty fly there. [edit days and days later: the more i look at these edited photos, the more i dislike them. i like the unedited photos better after all. i don't know if that means i ought to learn more about post-processing or if i ought to just trust that my camera knows what it's doing in the first place (and that i know what i'm doing when i press the shutter).] however, since i don’t want to spend all night editing the rest of the photos i took at sutro baths and land’s end yesterday, here’s some more of my favorites, totally unedited:

(actually in berkeley, on the way to the bart station)



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