2 Feb 2011, 1:00am
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somewhere in berkeley, on an ordinary residential street, there is a little archway covered in vines. if you walk through it you’ll find a pathway to a gate. if you know a code, you can pass through the gate and follow another dimly-lit path to a little deck with a hammock, an enormous hot tub, and a little hut with a bench and a shower where you can strip naked and rinse before lowering yourself, inch by slow inch, into water so hot you can feel your skin glow. there is no talking. you soak until you can’t stand it and then you get out and walk in the dark and green garden or sit on a low stone bench and watch the steam rise from your body.

i have a code. it is one of the things that make me feel pretty damn lucky to be living here, as much as i dragged my feet about making the move. despite my own reluctance, berkeley has welcomed me the way hawaii did when i was there in 2008—and this time i plan to stay. but i know that, as in hawaii, staying will mean creating intention and following through and so on. all of that is stuff i was never that great at when i lived in portland, where it is really easy to bum around from part-time job to part-time job sort of indefinitely. (”portland is where young people go to retire,” after all!)

so i am dreamin’ some dreams, but i am also (slowly) makin’ some plans.

just as i was getting over the magnolias, this happened:

i mean, daaaang.


last week the weather was completely lovely, and this week has been lovely as well, but this weekend, when we went camping (with ben and elana), it rained, of course. we still had a good time getting our feet muddy, roasting marshmallows, and playing hearts in a tent while the rain fell.

(photo by A)

i am really enjoying taking photos these days. i would like to do more portraits and event photography. my dear friends! would you like me to take your picture? i will do it for free; just say the word.



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