31 Dec 2010, 1:08am
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i’ve been back in portland for over a month. it seems strange to me that the time i’ve been here and the time in which i biked a third of the way across the united states this summer are called by the same word–a month! this is winter, the darkest days. slow and less eventful than summer. ok. i am sleeping in other people’s houses and working for my parents’ business to earn some money. spending time with my family and my friends. making plans–

i am taking a train back down to berkeley on january 18th. i am moving to california. on march 1st i will be starting a worktrade position at the regenerative design institute in bolinas, in marin county. i am pretty thrilled about all of the above.

a couple of weeks ago i had a thought that included the phrase “when i lived in portland,” past tense. i am just visiting here.

a few things


paul, the canadian i rode with for a few days in virginia, took this photo, i think on the blue ridge parkway. despite its blurriness, i love this photo. in it, i am strong and fit and doing exactly what i want to be doing. i am near the end of an amazing journey and i dreamed it, planned it, and did it under my own power. this photograph makes me feel like i can do anything.


a choir sang this “ave maria” at the first unitarian church a few weeks ago, and it is so beautiful i cried.

two recipes–

chocolate spice cookies with cayenne and orange zest. mmm, these cookies won round one of a workplace cookie tournament for me. the cookie tournament is currently in semifinals, but i’m out of the running. if i’d just made these cookies again for round two, i might not be. they are delicious.

ginger chai granola. i made a batch of this for my dad for xmas. not only did it make sarah and aniss’s apartment smell like spiced apple cider while it was baking (i was dogsitting jack for them), but it tasted fantastic (there was one bowl’s worth left after i filled a big mason jar for my dad). probably my favorite granola ever. will make again. and again. (i skipped the sesame seeds and used maple syrup instead of brown rice syrup.)


mount hood at sunrise.


boiling tea water in kendall’s kitchen.



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