30 Nov 2010, 1:12am
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ride up rise up

today i was a working stiff for the first time in a long while–for eleven hours. all day long i looked forward to my bicycle ride home–my first ride on my bike since i arrived in yorktown, virginia, in october. It Was Glorious. it always is. i rode to my friend eliot’s house and ate homemade veggie sushi and pretended i knew how to juggle, and then rode to my parents’ house, up and over mount tabor, in the calm and rainy dark. the hills are easier than they’ve ever been, but when i finally dismounted my thighs burned. so it’s not that i’m still in great shape (i’m not) so much as the fact that the challenge was always more psychological than physical. the challenge is fear. i hope i will rise to it again and again and again.

the bus in portland costs five cents more than it did last time i was here. the 20 has changed its route. the rain is still the same. five months is, by far, the longest time i’ve spent away from this city since i moved here in 2003. it is still a beautiful place, but five months of perspective have loosed its cultish grip on my heart. and so it’s strange to be back.

i rode into town in a pick-up truck the same make and model of the one that hit me in 2008. a craigslist ride share from the east bay with a guy who grows orchids and rides bikes. couchsurfing, craigslist… the biggest lesson i’ve learned this year remains that in the absence of fear, people are kind, generous, and good. in the absence of fear, i think there’s nothing that people helping people can’t do.

lots to say but i’m so out of practice!



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