16 Nov 2010, 6:17pm
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home lands

some last photos from vinalhaven:


(sunrise from the ferry)

the american west feels like home to me, and on my eastward bike ride i had a hard time leaving the rockies behind. the first half of my ride felt like vacation, and the second half felt like a learning experience (though i learned a lot in the west and had a lot of fun in the east). so i was surprised when, somewhere east of the mississippi, i rode through a forest and some part of me recognized my environment, and i felt a way i didn’t know i’d missed. i lived in massachusetts for the first seven years of my life and spent a lot of time running around in the woods behind our house with my brother–and somewhere in virginia the trees became the trees my body knew from my early childhood, and in some other completely unexpected way, i was home again.

at my grandparents’ house, i found this little book that (i think) my dad made when my brother and i were kids in massachusetts. we had a front garden with a stone wall at the back, and one of our stuffed animals fell down, so we enacted a dramatic rescue and my dad took photos. here’s the last two pages:



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