16 Nov 2010, 6:33pm


(me and becky, my best friend in 4th grade–it’d been at least a decade since we’d seen each other)

(kati’s and my existential firemen–our tokens for admission to too much light makes the baby go blind)

(the only way)


(the winter garden at the chicago public library)

(dan me kati)

(dan has a friend who works at the cafe at the top of the hancock tower and got me up for free!)

Hey! I saw the neo-futurists with Kati too while I was in Chicago on my big road trip. That was an awesome show, wasn’t it? I guess it is constantly changing all the time, but I’d bet it stays good.

18 Nov 2010, 4:07pm
by katie g

just popped by to say that i love(!!!) your hair cut and natural hair color right now.



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