21 Oct 2010, 9:51pm

little mountains and big ideas

when i am not sure how to say what there is to say, my blog is more or less a photo blog. the photos say some of it. i am in woodstock (and environs), new york, visiting my aunt and cousins. my mom was here too, until yesterday. on tuesday we went on a hike, up overlook mountain. i think every mountainous state has at least one overlook mountain. this one was lovely and scenic, and the trail led past an old hotel abandoned many decades ago. at the top, there’s a rocky overlook with names carved into it–the oldest one i found was from 1899.

i visited the fertile minds (agri)cultural collective, my cousin chrisso’s farm/non-hierarchical homestead project. they were a one-growing-season experiment, and are disbanding (as planned) at the end of this month. there are only a few folks living on the land at the moment–chrisso, his girlfriend mia, and mischa from germany. i spent two days and a night with them. it was pretty idyllic. we stalked wild grapes, walked with the goats (i learned to milk!), cooked up tasty stir fry, and ate dinner around a little campfire. after chrisso and mia went to bed, mischa and i stayed up talking about art and relationships and life and decisions–all the big things i’m not writing about here, hah!

That sign makes me think of Ezra Pound saying that all religion basically boils down to copulation is either a) good for the crops or b) bad for the crops (Christianity resting in the latter category). There’s a passage in the Iliad along these lines as well but I don’t care to scrounge it up just now.

Lots of beautiful pictures, thanks! I really like the screen window one.



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