28 Oct 2010, 10:40am
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(and cambridge and somerville)


we went to the museum of science!

(jen and her roommate megan doin’ the new-kitchen-table dance)

not enough photos. not the right photos. these photos don’t feel representative of my time here in boston. it was so wonderful to spend time with jen! and her mom karen (after whom i named my cat kari when i was seven)! and star! and flourish! and joni!

i also enjoyed the list visual art gallery at mit. right now one of the exhibits is a short film called the prisoner’s cinema by melvin moti, about the visual hallucinations experienced by people deprived of sensory inputs. the sound consists of an interview with a man apparently in a sensory deprivation chamber talking about what he’s seeing, and the image is of light streaming through a stained-glass rose window (which becomes clear gradually). i left with a strong sense of the beauty inside of us and our pretty amazing capacity to project that beauty onto the world.

i’m off to maine this afternoon; i’ll be on vinalhaven by dinner time. at my grandparents’ behest, i will be giving a couple little presentations about my bike trip while on the island. i finished three weeks ago and have hardly revisited it at all in this space. here’s an important sentence i came up with while brainstorming what i’ll say:
“i did it alone, but i couldn’t have done it alone.”




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