27 Sep 2010, 10:18am
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way back in dubois, wyoming, we met a guy who was thru-hiking the continental divide trail with his wife. he told us they sometimes take “weather-induced rest days,” or WeIRD, as in “i feel a little weird today, honey, how about you?” “yeah, me too. let’s go back to sleep.” today i am feeling pretty weird. it’s rainy and foggy and cold. but it was yesterday, too, and it probably will be tomorrow. and i have to make some progress. i was sort of hoping to ride 78 miles today, to damascus–hah! i think i have biked about fifteen miles so far, and i’ve only made ten miles or so of progress. the other miles were accumulated while riding around breaks interstate park in search of a logbook/register that my map told me i ought to sign: “all cyclists are asked to stop in and sign Virginia’s ‘Across State Ride’ book if they have/are going to cycle across Virginia on the TransAm… Documenting the number of cyclists who ride this is important for justification of improvements to the route” etc etc. no one in the park knew what i was talking about except to send me on the next place that might have it. when i finally found it, i discovered that the last person to sign it before me came through over a month ago. maybe half a dozen folks have signed it all year. i think the logbook in that outhouse in the middle of the plains in eastern colorado is a more accurate record of who and how many have ridden the trail.

so yes, i am in virginia.

V for Very Rainy! V for Very Foggy! V for Very Cold!

and of course, V for Virginia! V for Virginia-Yes-That’s-Right-I-Rode-My-Bike-To-Virginia!

(jason put that sticker there, i’m sure)

today, i am mostly tired and homesick. i haven’t had decent (any, really) cell phone reception in a few days and i miss talking to my loved ones. nothing like that and a heavy fog to make you feel alone in the world. it turns out, by the way, that the appalachians are way harder than the rockies.

lots of thoughts to share. gonna try to get the librarians to let me use the internet for awhile longer, but my hour’s almost up…



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