30 Sep 2010, 10:11am
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ten-mile photos

hello from christiansburg, virginia, and the end of another map section! one map section to go. three hundred and sixty seven point five miles. give or take. i am taking a short day today, from radford (where i stayed with the lees, a kind family i’d heard about from a few other cyclists) to blacksburg (where i’m staying with a couchsurfing host).

i wrote last from haysi, towards the beginning of what i hoped would be a long day. hah! i think i made 28 miles of progress. at the library i met a westbounder named grant who’s headed to san francisco or san diego–he’s never been west of st louis! we ended up getting some pizza down the street and chatting for a good long time. so nice when i’d been feeling lonely! grant also pointed out an excellent shortcut along route 11 that saves thirty-some miles of riding and a whole lot of climbing–and so my 28-mile day didn’t mess up my plans too badly after all. i skipped damascus, but so be it. someday i’ll hike the appalachian trail and go through damascus that way!

slept in a county park outside of council. i set up my tent inside a little playhouse in the playground. cozy enough.

in the morning i rode over some mountains and then hopped on route 11, which is not too hilly and which parallels the interstate most of the way, which means it isn’t too heavily-trafficked either! loved it. still, it was dark by the time i rolled into marion, where i stopped for the night.

yesterday i rejoined the transam route, but not before stopping for second breakfast (I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY) at a country restaurant with a logbook for HIKERS! who sign with their trail names. the last two hikers to come through there were “steamer” and “q-tip.”

running out of time (what else is new). grant told me he takes a photo every 10 miles, no matter where he is, and i thought that was such a cool idea i decided to try it too. here’s my ten-mile photos–except i forget sometimes so some of these are 20-mile photos or 11-mile photos–



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