17 Sep 2010, 1:05pm

state #9

hi there! i crossed the mississippi! i rode across illinois! i crossed the ohio river! by ferry! now i am in kentucky! state number nine of ten! bam! pow! i am kickin’ ass and takin’ names! sort of.

i’m in marion, kentucky, where i picked up not one, not two, but three(!) amazing care packages at the post office, from my parents, my grandparents, and a. it was like christmas! thank you!

just in case: if you want to send me something (cookies?), you should call me when you’ve got it all ready to go and i’ll let you know where i’ll be in four or five days. if you send it priority mail, that seems to work well, and it’s more reliable time-wise than regular parcel post.

so far in kentucky i have:
* been offered a ride by a trucker (ok, that was on the ferry),
* bought snacks at an amish variety store,
* witnessed a country outdoor antiques auction, complete with tent and fast-talkin’ auctioneer, and
* been added to a church’s prayer list (i’ll take all the help i can get, right?).

i’m only a third of the way into today’s ride and it’s getting on into afternoon, so i’m going to make this quick ‘n’ dirty. in chester, illinois, at the eagles lodge where they’ve got a nice little bunkhouse for cyclists, i picked up a nice notebook someone had abandoned, and i’m finally keeping a paper journal on this trip, so i can fill you in on all the details later (mostly wildlife and waxing poetic about the morning light and complaining about knee pain and so on).

last photos from missouri:

and then…

(my sweetpea with swee’ pea)

(on the mississippi river floodplains)

(a by-no-means-uniquely ridiculous hill)


(illinois also has a big rails-to-trails project! not as long as the katy trail, though, and i think it runs north-south)

(turtle rescue!)

(this was in somebody’s garden, with some benches. things like this are why i love the transamerica trail!)

the ferry!:


okay. i gotta get going.

18 Sep 2010, 2:57am
by liliane

hello Stacia !
It’s fascinating to follow you from so far away . I wrote to Gery and he told me about the package they were preparing to send you ! And you have got it now! Too bad I can’t do the same …
Thank you for the photos: they are beautiful and very interesting . You know when we were your age we toured the USA in six weeks 14000kms but by CAR !!Not as courageous as you !

19 Sep 2010, 7:03pm
by Sue Schnackenberg

Hi Stacia,
This is your cousin, Sue Schnackenberg (my Mom is Diana’s 1st cousin). We heard about your website from your Mom. The pictures on your site are really beautiful. If you are near Chicago, ever, we would love to see you. Take care and enjoy.
Sincerely, Sue

19 Sep 2010, 7:32pm
by Maggie Schnackenberg

HiStacia – it your cousin Maggie – we met in DC at the reunion.
Your trip is quite exciting and memorable I’m sure. An adventure. You crossed the country far south of us – we do have some friends from Florence, Albama which could have been the Florence on your sign post! Wishing you a safe journey.

you’re looking buff!



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