23 Sep 2010, 12:50pm
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on and on

well, every time i actually add up the miles i have left to go, i am in good shape. at 60 miles a day and one more rest day after today, i actually have 38 miles “in the bank” so to speak that i can cash in if (WHEN!) i need to rest, probably thanks in part to a few shortcuts i’ve taken in the past few days. but here come the appalachians…

i’m in berea, which i love! there is a great little coffeeshop that serves panini and chai! there’s an ecovillage!! bell hooks lives here! there’s a free bluegrass jam tonight! maybe i will bring my ukulele and try to look like i know what i’m doing with it!

anyway, i believe we left off outside of mammoth cave?

the stretch of road between the national park and cave city, ky, is jam-packed with kitschy tourist attractions, with paint that’s been fading since the ’60s. rv parks with bumper cars, a “wildlife” (read: taxidermy) museum, a dinosaur museum, water slides, rock shops, and so on. for example:

(this place was a big bavarian-themed shopping center with a grand total of ONE open shop. plus a “shops for rent” sign and a “for sale” sign for the whole thing. pretty sad)

(i think they are made of concrete. the sign said, “sleep in a wigwam!”)

back into the countryside–

(tobacco drying in a barn)

i was thinking the other day–probably when i caught the stench of a chicken farm (they smell worse than cattle feedlots) or saw a plume of dust/soil tossed into the air by farm equipment–that i am maybe contributing to what michael pollan calls the “supermarket pastoral” genre with my photos of the countryside. like, is it responsible of me to show you how beautiful the country is, without also showing you how ugly it is? i don’t know. y’all should ride your bikes across it and see for yourself. seriously, i am learning way more than i can process while i’m still riding.

i have also started reading a book that was written here in kentucky, purchased by a. in california, and mailed to me here in kentucky–wendell berry’s the unsettling of america. it is very very good. and very very relevant.


i think this was in springfield–i was not quite sure how to interpret this mural–your readings? yes, that is obama:

and here’s a whole bunch more quilt squares:

(i have to admit that this particular pattern looks vulgar to me. what is that boy doing exactly?)

these last two are actually in berea, in the “old town artisans village”:

until next time!



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