25 Aug 2010, 1:51pm
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just one more day off

some quick catch-up & photos–


boulder to sunrise ranch

marionberry jam




ice cream

biking south

(co spgs)

garden of the gods

the may museum
(this place was so wacky! it looked like it had remained pretty much exactly the same for thirty years. at least. my favorite was this little display on the wall that looked like it had been clipped from a magazine, about the insecticides we spray on crops to control insect pests, “including DDT.” it said something like, “some people say that these chemicals cause environmental problems and should be outlawed, but they probably won’t be because they are so agriculturally valuable.” all the preserved insects [and some arachnids]–the main draw of the museum–were pretty cool, though. some of them were HUGE! like, grasshoppers the size of your hand. it was more a museum about insect collecting than it was about insects.)

south along 115

small mysteries
(took all three of these photos from one place, and i swear i’d seen the fourth hubcap a bit further down the road. what happened?)

wrong way
(oh oh oh)

(by the way, if for some reason you ever want to see EVEN MORE PICTURES than i post on my blog, you can! all my pictures from this trip are collected here.)

am in pueblo (a city called people) now, spending a day “doing errands” which i guess means sitting along the river reading the omnivore’s dilemma. as always… more later!



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