20 Aug 2010, 9:44am
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guts and grace

yesterday was a long-ish day physically (72 miles, somehow), but it didn’t feel like it. emotionally it was the first day i felt what it will be like to be alone. not without a., an absence, but alone… a presence. for much of the day it was lovely–stopping to consult my scrawled directions, drink tea, take shelter from a thunderstorm and read my book about courage; the full fierce double rainbow that lit up the sky after the storm–and sometimes it was hard.

i got a flat that i had to fix twice ’cause the patch didn’t take the first time, and then wasted time looking for a bike shop in lafayette that didn’t exist (i wanted to borrow their floor pump– there’s only so much air i can get in with my little pump–and also i think i need a new rear tire–mine is super worn!), plus there was that thunderstorm i had to wait out. none of that is a big deal at all, but somehow i was running out of daylight, and then i got lost not very far at all from my destination and i was riding on a bike path through some sketchy industrial areas. i called my parents when i couldn’t get myself un-lost by myself, so they knew how far i was and they were worried about daylight too, and even in portland i wouldn’t bike on, say, the springwater corridor alone at night. i biked so fast down that path, dodging dumb rabbits who kept darting out into my headlights in front of me, and i saw a coyote, too (my third on this trip). and then i got off the path, finally, and there were trucks and rain and it was thoroughly dark and i couldn’t find the street i was supposed to turn onto, so i gave up and stopped at the comfort inn on the corner.

mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mama said.

i am less than six miles from my friend matt’s apartment (i was gonna crash on his couch). oh well; i’ve got all day today to hang out in denver. and figure out how i’m getting to where i’m going from here. i am pretty eager to be back on the transam.

(photo of me from a wonderful hike above the farm that i took on wednesday with alisha, dave, and yet another matt. more later!)



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