18 Jul 2010, 7:57pm
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white bird hill

long day today! a. and i were fantasizing about getting all the way to lolo hot springs (montana! and 90+ miles up and over a freakin’ mountain) but after 60-some miles of climbing we got really tired and crawled our way to this lodge place in powell, idaho, where we’ve treated ourselves to a room and a tasty dinner and some beer and huckleberry ice cream. we’ll go to montana tomorrow. we still biked more than 70 miles more or less uphill today.

we really are getting stronger. yesterday i ENJOYED the climb up white bird pass. it was such a lovely road, nice grade, pretty views, and just about zero traffic… but i never ever thought i’d enjoy an eleven-mile climb–thought it might get easier physically but never psychologically. i was still pleased when it was over, sure, but. maybe mckenzie pass really was the hardest part of our trip, just ’cause we were so much less prepared for it.

i’ll catch up on pictures from today when we’re in missoula, probably. in the meantime, here’s yesterday, starting with that gorgeous climb up white bird hill:

maybe i’ll just leave you with that for now. more to come. missoula will be time for us to catch up with ourselves, hopefully.

lots o’ love,



in wildlife sightings: we say a coyote trot across the road today!

in roadkill sightings: lots of snakes lately, and yesterday we saw our first domestic cat. what a terrible waste.



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