30 Jun 2010, 7:53am
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big bike adventure

day 1
portland to portland
3.2 miles

just kidding. we did leave our apartment yesterday–biked across the bridge fully loaded and stayed at aniss and sarah’s place in old town. packing up all our stuff and getting it into storage in various places was super stressful and i’m glad it’s over. i’ve never packed my stuff up without knowing when i was going to unpack it before. it’s a weird feeling. the next time i pay rent, i’d like to be in a house (with a garden, good insulation, and ideally no mold problem) i plan on sticking around in for more than a couple years. in the meantime, my life is strapped onto my bike. which is already making a funny creak that i will have miles and miles to obsess over and diagnose and hopefully fix. can’t wait! no, i’m serious.

we don’t have a very long day planned today, so a. is sleeping in and later we’ll probably unpack all our panniers and do one last inventory before we take off. plus, breakfast. then back across the bridge and south. to eugene and then east to find america! (or something.)

our last week in portland has been pleasant. summer finally showed up after the solstice.

* picnic dinner on taiga’s front lawn

* picnic lunch with landon in a park

* baked a loaf of bread bigger than my head

* sat on some friends’ front steps feeling blue and staring at the nearly-full moon while listening in on a conversation about how the moon’s orbit is actually just barely a spiral, so the moon is getting further and further away every month, which means that as far as eras go, ours is the only one in which the moon appears to be roughly the same size as the sun, making eclipses possible

* stiff drinks and sweet friends chased the blues away

* threw a rockin’ going away party on saturday–i let my friends get drunk and then handed them scissors and clippers; now i have no hair

* and, of course… bike rides

I miss you already.
Love you,



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