15 Jun 2010, 8:38am
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went backpacking this weekend with a., sarah, aniss, and sarah’s amazing dog, jack. we hiked this loop. it was an excellent adventure, and really beautiful, but i would not wholeheartedly recommend the route we took without some caveats. it was tough.

we started out on friday in late morning on the eagle creek trail, which a. and i hiked part of last fall. in the spring there is lots more water! and different things blooming, different colors and so on.

eagle creek trail:

(signs of magic)

then we turned onto trail 434, which we eventually dubbed “hubris trail.” we saw not another soul on this trail. it was steep! we climbed for the rest of the day.

after the initial tough climb but before we’d gotten very far, we reached wy’east creek, which was briefly remarked on parenthetically in the directions we were following: “no issues crossing.” we bet whoever wrote the directions hiked in fall. we spent about twenty minutes debating whether to go back down the steep climb we’d just come up and stick to the (crowded) eagle creek trail for the weekend, or press on. eventually a. dropped his pack, courageously clambered across, came back, and did it again with his pack on, then heroically helped the rest of us. we all managed to get across and stay mostly dry, except jack, who was toweled off easily enough.

a bit further along, we turned around and saw the waterfall downstream of where we crossed. made some giddy jokes about how we were glad we were getting that view and not another less comfortable one.

we climbed and climbed. every time our spirits got a little low, though, we came upon gorgeous vistas, like this one:

we thought about camping there (it was getting on towards dark), but it was pretty exposed and the wind was picking up, so we moved on.

another gorgeous vista; nature’s anti-anxiety meds:

we finally stumbled onto a lovely roomy campsite just before dark. our attempts to start a fire failed (a recurring theme; all the wood is just too wet from our rainy spring), so we set up our tents, made some dinner, and crashed.

in the morning, we finally made it to the pacific crest trail / the end of hubris trail! we were on the pct for only a mile or so before turning onto the ruckel creek trail.

found some snow:

crossed some streams:

and found a rockin’ campsite (seriously idyllic) right next to ruckel creek in the afternoon. we spent the rest of the day wandering the woods in search of firewood–yup, all too wet, but we made a good effort–and hanging out.

day 3 was the descent. slow and steady. day hikers kept flying by us!

these power lines were the last landmark mentioned on our directions before the trail ended at a service road (from there, just a short walk back to the eagle creek trailhead). we were pretty excited.

bedraggled backpackers back at the trailhead:

oh also! backpacker burrito = tortilla, peanut butter, banana, granola, and (optional) honey. om nom nom. (thanks to aniss.)

Looks like such a perfect day……



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