23 May 2010, 6:42pm
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uncanny valley

* opening night cures many ills. i had forgotten.

* after our preview on thursday, i went out for drinks with a few awesome people. when i was good ‘n’ tipsy, one of them turned to me and said, “so, i have to ask. why do you title your rehearsal reports with ‘UC’?” i replied, “for uncanny valley… oh, fuck!” un cannyvalley! then i laughed a lot.

* amused and struck by the fact of working on this show (about memory) in a building that is, for me, so full of ghosts. i know them all by name. and yet i was still taken aback and momentarily transported to a different time, one night during tech week when i glanced up at the booth and saw, hanging against the back wall, the mobile that my set designer made for my thesis show in 2007.

* matt was in town for a few days and we went to the oregon museum of science and industry together to play with logic puzzles, make faces at a t-rex, build salmon-friendly streams, launch air rockets, make stop motion animations, and laugh at the anti-alcohol propaganda in the exhibit about aging. you know that awesome little fact, about how every cell in your body is replaced every eight years? well, there was a display that says that’s just your skeletal bones (or it’s every seven years or something)–much of the rest of your body cells are replaced even more often. but your brain cells are not–most of them really are with you ’til the end (at least according to this exhibit that also included lots of anti-drinking propaganda).

* in the show: memories. unremembered memories. reexperienced memories. imagined memories. other peoples’ memories. memories experienced by more than one person at once. memories changed by that experiencing. a line in the show that i think never made it into the script, that a week later i am for sure not remembering exactly right: “how can we allow our memories to evolve with us as we evolve?” stories.

* so, w/r/t brain cells and memories, what changes and what stays the same? how much can we carry with us? what happens to the stuff we lose? “We can now draw but a single conclusion: It is a labor in vain to attempt to immerse ourselves in our memories. The past is hidden somewhere outside the realm. Beyond the reach of intellect. In some material object, which we do not expect.” for example: that mobile hanging in the booth.

* JERRY: We are trying to create intimacy by sharing personal recollections in a public setting.
FAITH: And what happens to these personal recollections?
JERRY: We attempt to share them, to connect with each other and the audience, we engage them in the field, and then we head back to Ground Control.

* so: what the show is (was) about, i think: or what it is about to me, right now, which is more reflective perhaps of me and where/what/who i am right now than it is of the show: getting to know, and coming to terms with, the parts of ourselves we cannot know. every time i try to express this in words it comes out differently. which is pretty much exactly what i mean. because also: the present moment is unique and unreplicable, even when it’s spent in reliving/reexperiencing/reimagining the past. the past was different. and unique and unreplicable, because it was also the present. what are we? what we are. i mean, more than we are what we were or what we will be. those things are stories that can, indeed, evolve as we evolve.

* the smell and taste of things, the perfect lie, the recollections come
i am in love with each mistake i make and everything i’ve done
one is precisely only this: a man awake, immersed in time
i’m made of tiny cells and drops of essence
i won’t let them fall…

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