30 May 2010, 4:46pm
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“savor the world”

credit for this entry’s title goes to mark lakeman and his awesome talk last night.

i think this is maybe the best photo i have ever taken. it gives me warm fuzzy shivers. i think i want to spend my life facilitating connections between children and earthworms. i think i might be serious about that.

here’s another one:

spent this afternoon at another vbc site: gladstone street revival, along a stretch of gladstone that i used to ride my bike down all the time. met lots of sunny people in the sun (!) and made these two mosaics:

some more photos:

i spent three hours at the rose garden yesterday, getting some master gardener volunteer hours and answering questions and stuff (ok really mostly deferring to the other more experienced master gardener on my shift). at the rose garden it’s black spot this, powdery mildew that; they spray fungicides all the time but it’s been so wet this spring that there’s some black spot anyway. today i saw these pretty roses that were pretty much covered in black spot and so beautiful anyway! black spot: who cares!?


wrestling. my dear shadow self: i will not let thee go except thou bless me!



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