3 Jan 2010, 11:16pm
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more photos from new mexico

the kitchen in the meeting house guest apartment:


the gorge bridge over the rio grande (outside of taos):

the earthship visitor center (it was maybe fifteen degrees fahrenheit outside, and a cozy and bright seventy-some degrees inside):

(that’s a greywater treatment planter!)

ranchos de taos:

arroyo seco:

on our way to ojo caliente:

our last new mexican meal in santa fe:

the hostel in albuquerque last night:

still more here.

narrative to come, including: snow, the open highway, driving, a hike under the new year’s eve blue moon on a snowy mountain, taos pueblo, catholic masses and ancient indian dances, music, twisty dirt roads, an npr segment about opinions and arguments, the best radio station in taos (88.7), hot springs, unexpected challenges, changes of plan, forgetfulness, spicy food, friendly cab drivers, trains, planes, and so on…



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