27 Dec 2009, 7:42pm
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where the sunshine is

hope you all had a merry christmas (or hanukkah) and a light-hearted solstice–

a. and i are in northern new mexico for the holidays. a. was born here in santa fe and i’d never been. plus we couldn’t afford tickets to kauai, heh. it’s beautiful and snowy and i think a. is pretty glad to be back. we’re staying in the cozy guest apartment associated with the quaker meeting house, which a.’s mom and dad used to attend while little a. ran around in the courtyard garden. the resident/manager here also lived with a. and his mom at the atlanta georgia cohousing community where a. spent his high school years, before moving here to santa fe. and we spent christmas eve and christmas night at the house of a woman who also attended the meeting with a.’s parents and even loaned a.’s mom a dress to wear to her baby shower when she was pregnant with him. it’s a small, sweet world.

we arrived pretty late on xmas eve but not too late to walk down canyon road, which was lined with farolitos (candles in glowing paper bags weighed down with sand) and small bonfires and packed with cheerful people.

afterwards we went to the lessons and carols service at the cathedral basilica. we intended to stay for the midnight mass as well but we were so beat by a day of traveling that we hit the hay instead. in the morning, we were fed baklava and smoothies and our host, mary ray, took us on a hike from her doorstep to a nature conservation area with this fantastic sign: “CONSTRUCTION ZONE AHEAD: The Nature Conservancy has an agreement with a colony of beavers to transform this area into a series of ponds and wetlands. Watch your step. Beware of hazardous trees & leave it to beaver.”

the view from mary ray’s window:

later a. and i walked into town in the sun.


–this guy was a “one man big band” who played keyboard, cymbol, and trumpet, and sang. pretty awesome, plus today we heard him sing monty python’s “galaxy song.” last night he was also part of a new orleans-style jazz band that was tearin’ down the house at a jazz bar we happened to walk past on an aborted attempt to find a grocery store. oh my gosh, the food here is amazing. we are eating like… happy people who eat a lot. enchiladas and burritos and fajitas and sopaipillas(!), oh my! also, i am learning how to roll my Rs. i sorta have the single r down, but the double rr eludes me.

–these beautiful wind sculptures (though i suspect many of them are really motor-powered) are all over town.



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