30 Dec 2009, 9:47pm
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on sunday during the quaker meeting a. asked if anyone would be interested in going to bandelier national monument on monday (i.e., giving us a ride). so on monday we went, with a hippie physicist (i hope he won’t object to that characterization) who was partially responsible for the discovery of the quark, named guthrie.

(please ignore the enormous dust spot on this and the following photo. i really need to clean my camera, yes.)

it actually took me a good part of the day to connect the ruins to the anasazi culture i read about in jared diamond’s collapse, because “anasazi” is apparently not politically correct these days and it’s the ancestral pueblo (or ancient pueblo) culture instead. at bandelier, they carved caves into sandstone (a.k.a. volcanic tuff) and built pueblos in front of them. very cozy and south-facing for warmth. there’re ladders in front of a few of the caves, some of which have been partially restored to their presumed original condition 500 or 1000 years ago, so you can climb inside and stare at the smoky ceilings and wonder.

it was beautiful and fascinating and at the end of the day guthrie invited us to come over for dinner on tuesday night and join him at embodydance. we spent the rest of monday evening hanging out at la fonda, which is the big hotel centrally located downtown. we spent a bunch of time there while in santa fe. on christmas day, they were pretty much the only thing open for lunch, and their concierges are really nice about answering all kinds of questions about town and practicalities and so forth. we both agree, best hotel we’ve never stayed at! anyway, on monday night there was a great jazz trio playing in their lounge space and a. was predictably really into it.

tuesday in santa fe:

(my favorite statue we walked past pretty much every day on canyon road)

on tuesday we museumed it up and then guthrie picked us up and took us to his cozy communal house and fed us tasty split pea soup and then we went to embodydance and danced our hearts (and brains, lungs, and so forth) out. it was a lot like ecstatic dance in puna (on hawaii) in intention and energy. a really great way to spend our last night in santa fe. we’re really thankful to guthrie for his generosity and willingness to share some pieces of his life with us.

tonight we’re in taos, or rather five miles north of taos in the tiny town of arroyo seco in a cozy hostel full of ski bums and good eavesdropping. we’ve rented a car and we braved the snow on the high road. it was an adventure for sure. we stopped in chimayo for what our guidebook unequivocally calls the best new mexican food ever (it was pretty good) and to see the santuario there. i lit a candle ’cause it felt right, and i quietly asked for grace in the new year.

(more new mexico photos here, by the way)



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