1 Aug 2009, 6:55pm

peace i love the world




“building the set was okay, but building the theatre nearly killed us.”

(one of three tents that make up the green room/dressing room area)


(paper pulp kitty that i made from leftovers from the ship’s eventual figurehead)


this morning the community engagement team went to the arcata farmer’s market with our eureka treasure map.


it was delicious.


earlier this week, in our class on community-engaged directing, we did this values exercise, in which we were given a sheet of paper full of possible things to value (and blank spaces to write more) in art-making and in life. we were supposed to circle ten values that we prized above all else… and then narrow that down to five, then three, then one. very difficult! my top three were– communication, respect, and adventure.

1 Aug 2009, 8:31pm
by Bridget

Oh stacia. Your adventures are colorful and happy. I’m happy to see that you’re living it up.

9 Nov 2009, 7:42am
by Serena

Super belatedly ’cause I just went back to look through these, but the pictures make me super happy. Cactus Guy is a friend of my mom’s. The farmer’s market wins at everything, and I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a purple bell pepper!

[...] the three values i chose in an exercise during the cornerstone institute last summer as the most important to me in art-making and in life: [...]



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