3 Aug 2009, 10:52pm
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for each of us has a golden fleece to seek

spent the day, with several other institute students, here–

on the van duzen river about forty minutes southeast of eureka.

hah! this is the lasting effects of peter dimuro you’re seeing. in this beautiful environment… we just had to dance. it was a great day: swimming, sharing food, clambering over rocks, photosynthesizing (the sun as a source of energy–plus, they call our student-only meetings “photosynthesis”), dancing.

today was our last day off. we’re less than one week away from The End. i have actually felt much less busy recently since tech started and we’ve had class less often and even production calls have sort of tapered off… or maybe i am just more used to being busy all the time!

been taking lots and lots of photos. i deleted all the music off my computer (it’s all on an external hard drive at home) to make room for them all. i going to be taking (official? ish?) production photos during our final dress rehearsal on wednesday (when did that get so close?), and one of the photos i took last night is theoretically gonna be in the times-standard. that feels pretty good. i bought a monopod today to help me out on wednesday. and ’cause sometimes i feel like getting “serious” about photography. mostly i just like taking photos.

this is the mist i was telling you about–

life is full. years are as good a way as any to measure time, i guess, and today i thought about how every year is fuller and more ____ than the year before, and oh what a good and auspicious way this has been to begin my 25th trip ’round the sun, which started on july 9th, the first day of the institute.

nature photos are superb, not to say the stage photos aren’t. but them greens. i miss them.



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