29 Aug 2009, 8:28pm

end of august

my neighborhood today (love love love my neighborhood)!

my mini bell pepper plant!

a.’s new band the basement addicts’ first show, at reed’s orientation this afternoon!

i love your neighborhood too! oh that Northwestern were in PDX. it would make the name more geographically appropriate, for starters. +)

STACIA! God I miss you and Portland so much!! Your pictures are GORGEOUS, especially that one with the bird, mid-flight!

10 Sep 2009, 12:24pm
by liliane grassin

Hello Stacia! I keep following you and it’s like reading a review about American youth . Interesting but unfair because I know a lot about your life and it’s not reciprocal !! Anyway who cares ? I am on the wrong slope !! Our Bresilians are back from Curitiba and the two boys are having a hard time in the Portuguese section of the international lycĂ©e .It’s good to have them so near.
What are you going to do now ?
Enjoy your life ! Je t’embrasse .



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