30 Jul 2009, 11:33pm
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on monday evening we went on a boat ride on the bay. there were lots of pelicans:

(that photo is actually 3 photos. in high school i compensated for my mediocre photography skills by editing the bejeezus out of the pictures i took. it made me feel artsy. today i had fifteen unexpected minutes to myself, and anyway my photos of the birds from monday were not very good, so i made this.)

today a few of us went to the farmer’s market just up the street with our “treasure map” of eureka to collect more people’s stories and generate interest in the play. i also ate really really delicious strawberries handpicked last night by the guy who sold them to me. he had four varieties; the ones i ate were a hybrid with wild strawberries and were small and tart and sweet and amazing. i also bought these two tiny succulents:

which i plan to put in a pretty turquoise pot together and keep on our kitchen table in the apartment a. just moved into today in sunnyside. yup. yes. oh yes.

the other day i figured out how to see the mist here. rain so light it doesn’t get anything wet, but you can feel it a little on your skin if you’re not too busy feeling everything else. you unfocus your eyes a little and look at the air: a fine, trembling film between you and the world.

my days are very full and at the end of them i feel calm and productive. been spending a lot of time in the costume shop making argonauts’ helmets and playing with the hot glue gun, but tomorrow i’m spending all day (starting at 9am) at the blue ox working on construction and set stuff. i am thankful for my 20-minute solitary bike rides to the blue ox. i am thankful for our end-of-day meetings, even when they last until 12:30am.

(adam in tin can mailman used bookstore in arcata on our day off)



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