15 Jul 2009, 12:04am
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* most mornings before class (i mean, every morning that we have class, which is most mornings), we have a half hour “warm-up” led by an institute student. today sage led us in some movement exercises, and then a partner movement exercise, and then a partner exercise that i found to be incredibly powerful. we sat across from each other, placed our palms together (one person’s facing up, the other’s down), and looked into each other’s eyes. after a long moment, sage told us to notice the light and shadow on our partner’s face, to take it all in… another long moment, and she told us to find something to love about our partner’s face, and to practice loving that thing. then, to find something we hate about that person’s face. and then, a different thing to love. while we continued to look into each other’s eyes she told us to remember the way it feels to love that face and to hate it, and to remember that we always have a choice, and to feel that love and bring it into our interactions throughout the day. my beautiful partner and i hugged and thanked one another. it was a good day.

* i’m leading a warm-up this coming sunday and i’m not sure what i want to do yet! what are your favorite fun theatre games or movement activities or whatever? so far i think i’d like to do nala walla’s “steamroller” exercise from the ecosomatics workshop i took with her during the village building convergence (man, when i put it like that i sound almost as cool as everyone else here at the institute. almost)–in which one lays oneself perpendicular to a prone partner and rolls one’s midsection over the partner’s body–but i’m not sure it would work very well on the hard gym floor (maybe if it’s a nice day we could do it outside!). the people here are definitely cool with touching each other, singing funny rhymes, dancin’, whatever. maybe boppity bop bop bop? silly might be the way to go.

* i am so busy. what else is new? i am so happy. that is sort of new.

* i spent two hours this afternoon pretty much alone in the incredibly dusty print shop at blue ox, learning how to set type (with a little guidance from eric) and digging through boxes and pulling open cases looking for what i wanted. it was much-needed and reinvigorating and fun to be alone with the dust and the type. i’m not sure how i ended up in charge of this project, but rock on! starting tomorrow i will have some people rotating through there with me one at a time, and i’ll have to figure out how to make it productive and fun for both of us. i’m sure it will be good.

* i also rode my bike there and back, in the sun. that helped a lot too.

* and i talked to a.

* i am writing more about the institute and less about the community part of all of this ’cause it’s hard to know where to begin. i have talked to a ton of people, and not talked to a ton of people i probably could have talked to. it’s challenging! the whole process of getting to know a community this way–with the explicit intention of getting to know this community–is really fascinating and i’m not really sure how to begin to write about it. julia (another student) and i are doing this notecard project: during auditions we asked auditioners to answer two questions on two notecards, with words and/or images: “what brought you to eureka?” “and why do you stay?”–questions that are important in the play. we have gotten some beautiful answers, some funny answers, some poignant answers. two of my favorite answers to the second question: “as a wild seed, i finally found a safe place to plant myself.” and “my family was made here.” today during callbacks, we asked people to “tell us a piece of eureka’s history, yours or someone else’s.” i have all these funny feelings about eureka all wrapped up in all these reasons people have given us for being here (both positive and negative). in class a few days ago, we talked about the blurry line between insider and outsider…



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