17 Jul 2009, 11:57pm

figure it out

this morning’s class was about design for community-based theatre and the “five Fs” of community-based design, which include Forum, Found objects, Folk, Fabrication, and Facsimile. (i am sleepy or i would talk about these more. on the first day of class, one of my classmates asked, “what’s the policy on sharing the curriculum with others outside of the institute?” and the artists who are teaching us sort of went, “what? we want everyone to use the things we’ve learned and to make art like this.”) the designers who taught the class (the designers for jason in eureka) showed us lots of pictures and told a lot of stories, and then each talked in more detail about one show they’ve designed for cornerstone and how they incorporated the five Fs. these designers make AMAZING things happen. beautiful spectacular things, artful and resourceful things. they also talked about a sixth, unofficial F–”figure it out.” if you’ve got an idea, if you know what would make the show wonderful, etc, make it happen. figure out how to make it happen, even if it means attaching huge lights to a battery pack and a backpack to create moving lights in a venue where you can’t run cable or whatever. (and make it accessible, even if it means building a wheelchair ramp to the second floor of a huge building, up stairs and through windows…)

anyway, cornerstone is really into getting groups of people into circles. and one thing we do in these circles is check in. when we start class, or a meeting, or whatever, we go around the circle and we say how we’re feeling, what attitude or emotion we’re bringing to the meeting and to the day. when we check in at our end of day meeting, most people talk a little bit about how their day was. this is pretty amazing for a lot of reasons. my day today was sort of slow, and i’m pretty tired, so i’m glossing over a lot of stuff as a sort of reminder to write about it later, maybe. i wanted to say, today my check-in at our end of day meeting went something like: “i’ve been thinking about class today, too, and ‘figure it out,’ and i think that i tend to make a lot of excuses for why things aren’t gonna work out, when really i can just… figure it out.”

really glad i ended up here. ’round lots of people who are figuring it out, all the time. and not in the “well i’m still figuring it out” kinda way. they’re making it happen.


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i’m leading warm-up on sunday. another student, leslie, loaned me augusto boal’s games for actors and non-actors and i want to play ALL of them. seriously, i want to maybe put together a group that would meet a couple hours a week to work our way through the whole freakin’ book. find out what’s good. find out about each other.

Man alive, I love this blog.

I’m so jealous! Also, I want to be in your Boal group; though I’m not sure how well the games work at long range…

eek, i am unspeakably jealous of your typesetting project!



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