24 Jun 2009, 7:57pm
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life keeps calling me to california. one of my oldest friends got married last weekend in golden gate park (it was a beautiful wedding). i made a little vacation of it and went down last tuesday. a. came with me for a few days. he would love to move there. oh life’s possibilities… i saw–

* murals

(the small text on this mural reads:
emma goldman–her weapon: pen of poison
rose parks–her weapon: full fare bus ticket
everywoman–her weapon: rising up
phoolan devi–her weapon: code breaking
mother theresa–her weapon: relentless compassion

“relentless compassion” has been stuck in my brain since…)

* the labyrinth at grace cathedral

* my aunt theresa

* and my amazing friends elana

* and becca

* this crazy flower

* this sunset (from bart)

* this bit of (un)intentional(?) humor

* this view

* and this one

and it was very, very good. more later.




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