9 Jun 2009, 4:16pm
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riding home

on june 12th 2008, while i was riding my bike home from work, a woman absentmindedly wielding a deadly weapon (in the form of a toyota tacoma pick-up truck) failed to yield and turned left into me. i got an ambulance ride, a broken collarbone, a busted knee, a hazy month on percocet, and several months of physical therapy. a lot of the past year has been shaped by my “accident,” which has been both good and bad. lots of fear. lots of healing.

today on my way home from work i took that old route, instead of the route i have taken every time since, and i rode through that intersection for the first time since it happened. it was very emotional, and also somewhat anticlimactic. my heart beat as i waited at the red light, watching the man across the intersection waiting to turn left: i am, i am, i am, i am i am iam iamiamiamiam…

the light turned green and i biked across and i felt everything all the way through.

and then i rode home, which is all i ever wanted to do.

i will do it again on friday, june 12th, with as many friends as i can muster. today was the battle. friday will be the victory parade.


feeling good. i will never allow myself to be seduced by dysfunction. not anymore.

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