30 Apr 2009, 7:40pm
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“…strip away everything else (especially Fear) and leave only the Truth, that is, Beauty and Love.”

he says, “this is extraordinary but also very ordinary. it’s amazing and incredible, but it happens every day.”

i am not sure how to write about this thing that happened last weekend that was and is very momentous and significant for me and a., but just a bunch of cheesy mccheese cheese for pretty much everyone else. oh, i dunno. we talked a lot about our relationship and the problems it’s had and how we have dealt with them and how we will deal with them and move forward in our lives together. we talked about our lives together. about supporting one another and making decisions together and how in love we are and blah blah blah i told you it was cheesy.

i have never felt before like i could make a commitment like this* to another person, but all of a sudden it is so easy, really. and so good.

(* and by “like this,” i mean we’re taking it one step at a time and all that, of course. we’re going to move in together in the fall. i am looking forward to sharing a bed, a refrigerator, a home with him, for real.)

also in my life: bikes, riding bikes all over portland, baking cookies, eating cookies, music, film cameras (like my holga, with which these photos were taken!), so many blossoming trees, so many amazing friends, plans and hopes and dreams. optimistic realism and realistic optimism.



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