19 Apr 2009, 9:21pm
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birds and bees and flowers and trees

i bought a box of mandarins and i have enjoyed carefully dissecting and eating them, one by one, over the past few days. yesterday i bought some pears at the farmers market and rode my bike bare-legged for the first time this year. ohhhhhh the summer! i love being so affected by it. and feeling so warm!


i finished another mandala–
i would like to start doing these on larger paper and maybe making prints to sell.


i am (probably) moving next month and have every intention of greatly reducing the amount of stuff i own between now and then. my books will be the hardest part. right now, i have amazing bookshelves. they represent me as a well-read, intelligent person with diverse and intriguing interests. you know? they are like the flashy sports car of my demographic. new friends come over to my house and they say oh, i have to look at your bookshelves. and i watch them smiling as they peruse and i feel so warm and approved-of. to get rid of books, i will have to accept that people will still think i’m cool if i don’t own all these awesome books. hah! and let go of my fantasy daydreams of my breezy naturally-lit library-of-the-future, my daughter or son standing on the back of a couch to take a look at the books on the top shelf, pulling them down one at a time to flip through them, finally choosing one to read on that same couch… very silly.

i will actually probably be staying with my parents for awhile, ’cause i’m not gonna be around all the time this summer and ’cause not having a (semi-)permanent place will be all the more motivation to get rid of stuff. i’ll look for a new place in the fall. i’m not sure what kind of living situation i want, yet. the one i’ve been in the past few years is just what i kinda fell easily into, and it’s been mostly fine, but i want to put a little more thought into it this time around.

this summer i’ll be in eureka, california, for most of july and a little of august, at the cornerstone theater institute summer residency, learning about community-based theatre and helping to make it happen. i am pretty freakin’ excited. also, an old friend of mine is getting married in june in san francisco, so there’s that.

a few theatrically-inclined friends and i are trying to put together some kind of ensemble-produced site-specific something-or-other somewhere in portland this summer. we’re meeting on thursday to ride bikes around and evaluate possible sites. (in addition to working part-time,) i am hoping to spend the summer learning about theatre, soaking up as much vitamin d as possible, and being really physically active. also taking pictures.

also, having picnics. a. and i had dinner in a park tonight.

27 Apr 2009, 12:43pm
by Ben Colahan

“a few theatrically-inclined friends and i are trying to put together some kind of ensemble-produced site-specific something-or-other somewhere in portland.”

I’ve received a grant to wander around the country this summer and check out exactly this kind of thing. When you have more info, you should let me know so I can come up and study you! ;)



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