10 Mar 2009, 3:00pm

in the spaces between things


trying to live life without FEAR as a motivator.

been thinking about priorities, what matters to me, where and what and who i want to be in ten years (the arbitrary “future”), all that.

i think that my urge to travel is at least somewhat rooted in fear. traveling creates a kind of personal stasis… “i can get my act together when i get home. i can make my life the way i want it to be when i get home. i can take responsibility for making the world a better place when i get home. but for now, i’m traveling, so i don’t have to worry about it.”

oh and i still fantasize about this sort of thing (i mean just look at that!) but my family, friends and community are here in portland, and those are the beautiful abstract nouns that show up most frequently on those mental lists i mentioned above. so.


there’s this little neighborhood cat i call small cat who greets me in the mornings when i take the bus. i’m biking more as the weather improves (and i know biking improves my mental weather if you know what i mean), but i like taking the bus sometimes because of the patience it forces (good practice) and because of small cat’s morning greeting. s/he meows, rubs against my hand as i crouch beside him/her, rolls onto his/her back. runs back and forth just in front of my feet for a couple blocks and then waits at the curb as i cross the street before trotting off.

(i’ve posted a couple other photos of small cat here before)



(tiny flower found in the pages of a library copy of karen finley’s a different kind of intimacy)

10 Mar 2009, 5:03pm
by lauraliz

have i ever mentioned how much i looooove your mandalas? :)

Your mandals and sense of color and detail ROCK!!!!!

i’m really enjoying the details you notice and photograph, and your vivid and wonderful mandalas. thank you for sharing!



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