13 Mar 2009, 7:04pm
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i would while away the hours, conversing with the flowers


damn, friends, it is wonderful outside today. got on my bike this morning and thought to myself, if the weather were like this all the time, i would be a happy camper. of course, if the weather were like this all the time, all the beautiful green trees and lavender bushes and the cherry trees about to pop would be dead and yellow. so then i thought about puna, and how everything is green and warm there, and damn is that nice. while i was there, i had a couple conversations that went like this:

“how long have you been here?”
“oh, about three weeks” (or whatever)
“oh, i’m sorry the weather’s been so bad for you.”
“all the rain!”
“oh, listen, i’m from portland. we have rain in portland. this? this is not rain. this is ambrosia, falling from the heavens. this is the nectar of life. this is rainbow mix, just-add-sun. I MEAN REALLY.”

(ok, maybe i didn’t say that last part. maybe i just laughed and said, i’m from the pnw, it rains a lot there, too. but that’s what i was thinking.)

puna has mosquitoes, though. did you know mosquitoes were a gift of colonialism? just like coqui frogs and rats and mongooses to eat the rats. i am pretty sure.

but really my point is that spring has come to the great pnw and spring here is TRANSCENDENT. because the dreary winter is over, and we’ve made it to spring. there is something about the way spring makes me feel–about to burst with possibility, or something like that–that seems so fundamental and inevitable and natural, and i am glad for the seasons. even winter, now that it’s spring.


not that you’d guess from these photos i took in my backyard just a few days ago:


but here’s where i’m at tonight. in this amazing clip from the muppet show, i am pretty sure that the puppeteers are showing off at around 1:08 and 1:30. they turn the puppet around horizontally and then vertically. so i want to know: how do they do that?? ’cause where i’m at tonight is: i wanna be a puppeteer.

i have a puppeteer friend, in fact. in fact he is a traveling puppeteer. he drives a van around idaho and places like that with his touring partner and they bring joy to whole elementary school gyms full of small children. he is kind of like a superhero.

also regarding puppets: click this link. you will not regret it. i would embed it if i could. from leigh stein, whose poems are really fantastic (unless you are like my traveling puppeteer friend, who does not generally like contemporary poetry).

there is something about puppets that improves even that which you thought could not be improved. and nothing is mundane when a puppet is saying it. or dancing it. i mean, that first clip? simply beautiful. emphasis on simply. except for the bit where they turn the puppet around. damn.

to recap: tonight, in my brain: puppets! but tomorrow is, as they say, another day.


i applied for this thing and i am really excited about the possibility of it and about being excited about theatre again and about the summer and and and.

15 Mar 2009, 9:24am
by Jonathan

Aww… For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure that puppet is being operated by at least two people standing behind it with their hands on the back of its feet and head. They’re probably in all blacks against a black curtain and completely unlit (you’d be amazed how much people fade in that situation). Turning around horizontally then just requires either moving around another person or a very smooth hand off between the two of you. Turning around vertically just requires rotating the puppet in a few steps so that your hands never get in front of it.



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