8 Feb 2009, 12:48am

i want everything and want for nothing

from an email:
…not that things haven’t been all right but for the last few days i have really wanted out of the city and, to a lesser extent, out of society/culture/civilization at large. but, basically, i love not knowing the answers to things. i wrote in my journal, “i want everything and want for nothing.” a few days before that i wrote, somewhat more dramatically, “my pandora’s box is opening but there is hope in there coming i know it.”

You caught Kepler awake!

When I get back (Thurs or Fri), can we go for a hike somewhere with the dogs? Out of the city?

Love you,

9 Feb 2009, 8:41pm
by lauraliz

that picture of matt is adorable! and the kitty right after it :)



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